Contact Lens FAQs

  1. Can anyone wear contact lenses? 
    Using the many new materials and designs 90% of all spectacle wearers can now wear contact lenses successfully.

  2. Are contact lenses really comfortable? 
    You’ll be surprised how comfortable the new soft contact lenses are, even if you think you have sensitive eyes.  Gas permeable lenses, while not as comfortable as soft, are a great deal better than the old hard lenses.

  3. Is it difficult to insert or remove contact lenses? 
    No.  The technique is quite simple and straightforward.  As with any other acquired skill, however, the manipulation of contact lenses take a little practice and patience.  You will be instructed in detail before leaving the office and any initial problems or questions you may have can be quickly sorted out.

  4. Don’t contact lenses keep falling out? 
    Hard or gas permeable lenses may very occasionally fall out due to severe dry eyes, but the gel-like properties of soft lenses hold them securely but comfortably until you want to remove them.

  5. What are the disadvantages of contact lenses? 
    Problems may arise in the initial wearing stages when some slight irritation of the eyes and lids may be experienced.  This is particularly so in smokey atmospheres and in the presence of bright lights.  For the majority of patients, these early problems are soon overcome and indeed may not even be noticed.

  6. What if I’ve unsuccessfully tried to WEAR hard contact lenses in the past? 
    Hard lenses do cause problems for some people.  But because today’s soft contact lenses absorb a high proportion of water to make them compatible with your tears (on which they float), they are comfortable right from the start.

  7. Can contact lenses be as good for my sight as glasses? 
    Yes.  Contact lenses are prescribed for your individual requirements.  Just as glasses are.  In fact, contact lenses have the advantage of giving you a wider field of vision, and because contact lenses fit the surface to the eye, vision is always through the correct part of the prescribed lens.  

  8. How long does it take to adjust to wearing contact lenses? 
    With soft lenses, you will normally be up to all day wear within a week.  Even gas permeable lenses usually settle down completely within a month.

  9. How long will contact lenses last? 
    Hard and gas permeable lenses normally last around three years, soft lenses one to two years, unless your prescription changes.  

  10. Can soft lenses correct astigmatism? 
    Soft lenses are now available to correct even fairly high degrees of astigmatism.  These lenses are, however, complex to fit and manufacture and are therefore more expensive than standard soft lenses.

  11. I wear two pairs of glasses spectacles/bifocals can I wear contact lenses?
    A very successful technique has been developed to enable one pair of contact lenses to satisfy both distance and reading requirements for the patient of fort to fifty years old and over, called monovision.  Bifocal contact lenses are also steadily improving. 


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