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Contact lenses have made major advance over the years and are more comfortable than ever before. B.G. Shily, OD, at Visioncare Associates, a specialty contact lens practice, in Beverly Hills, California would like to enhance and provide you the highest quality eye care services and specialty contact lenses such as keratoconic, post-refractive, and cosmetic (special effects) lenses with the latest state-of-the-art-diagnostic instrumentation in a compassionate patient-centered environment. Please, call our office or use the online booking button to schedule a consultation to see how specialty contact lenses can help you see better. See well, be well…

Specialty Contact Lenses Q & A

What are specialty contact lenses?

With advances in eye care, specialty (custom) contact lenses are now available to improve your vision, even with your unique eye care needs. Here are some examples of specialty contact lenses: 

Custom Lenses 

  • Keratoconic Lenses
  • Scleral Lenses
  • Post Refractive Surgery Lenses
  • Post Corneal Transplant Lenses
  • Cosmetic (Post Trauma) Lenses
  • Cosmetic (Special Effects) Lenses
  • Hybrid Contact Lenses

What are the different types of specialty contact lenses?

Dr. Shily at Visioncare Associates offers different specialty contact lenses to meet almost any eye need and treat certain eye conditions such as:


Keratoconus is an eye condition that causes the normally round cornea to thin and bulge into a cone shape, affecting your vision. Dr. Shily uses a number of different specialty contact lenses to improve vision in his patients with keratoconus, including:

  • Gas-permeable contact lenses
  • Soft contact lenses
  • Scleral contact lenses
  • Hybrid contact lenses

Scleral lens indication:

  • Keratoconus
  • Corneal ectasias
  • Keratoglobus
  • Pellucid marginal degeneration.
  • Corneal scars
  • Neuropathic pain

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